Thursday, May 5

The Wild Table

I just got a new cookbook called The Wild Table by Connie Green and Sarah Scott. It leaves me amazed! It's all about seasonal foraged foods and recipes that compliment them. The photos are beautiful and the recipes sound delicious and do-able! The wild food they feature seems very accessible. There are excellent descriptions and instructions for each delicacy. I'm so excited to have found this cookbook!

Went on a nice hike in my favorite spot in Santa Cruz county, Nisene Marks State Park. Luckily I read all about Miner's Lettuce in my new book because I found a ton of it today! Lovely little plants that look like whimsical lily pads and have a crisp, grassy flavor. I cant wait to try out some of The Wild Table's recipes!

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  1. We have tons growing with the ponies. I always thought that it tasted good.