Saturday, May 21

Cake Decorating

This semester I've been taking a cake decorating class. I like the class but it's really been testing my patience! The importance of fines details makes everything take so long!

I killed two birds with one stone while making this cake! My cake decorating class called for "an adult birthday cake" while my color and design professor said design a cake with complimentary colors (green, orange and violet are a triad on the color wheel)! This was definitely great practice, baking a cake from scratch and decorating it! I used a recipe from my Chef Instructor, Apple Sauce Cake with Cream Cheese frosting. Super tasty and moist, my class loved it! [I'll post the recipe when I stop being lazy]

In two weeks I have my final cake due! The assignment is to use four techniques we've learned in class which leaves lots of room to be creative. I already have my design figured out! It's uhh... I think I'm going to leave you guys hanging! I promise in a few weeks I'll have it posted (;

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