Tuesday, December 27

Meet Aebleskivers

They're traditional Danish pancake that are a solid ball of light and fluffy cooked batter. To make the, you need a aebleskiver pan and a lot of courage to tend them! I feel like they're not that popular due to being pretty tricky to make. But since my Danish Grandmother passed away in 2005, my family has made it a tradition to make these fun little guys over the Christmas Holiday.

To get them round, you have to rotate them gradually.

Aren't they cute?! I like to enjoy them with maple syrup and butter, just like pancakes. You can see it's a bit difficult getting them into perfect little circles, but I'm getting there! If you're interested in getting an aebleskiver pan, you get one at Williams and Sonoma, along with batter mixes and turning tools.


  1. Hi Claire, I love your blog! Your pictures are beautiful. I should definitely try some of your recipes...unfortunately my talent in the kitchen is limited to the basics!

  2. I love this. We make them all the time also. Sweet Grandma. What a fun tradition to keep in the Family.