Sunday, August 7

Midsummer Giveaway

I feel spoiled by the abundance of fruit that summers bring! Fresh blackberries, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, plums, oh the list goes on! Having these sweet treats gets me especially hyped up for homemade pie. To help you get on the same page as me, I'm giving away a brand new Pie Bird! 
A Pie Bird is a little ceramic bird with a hole in its beak that you place poking out of the middle of your pie so your pie juices don't boil over and out.

To win this handy little guy, do these easy steps:
1. Follow my blog
2. Leave a comment mentioning your favorite kind of pie and a brief story of you're most memorable pie experience
3. Do this by August 17
On the 18th, I'll pick a winner, announce who it is on this posts' comments and ask for your address!

Have fun and good luck!

*Only open to United States residents


  1. GFC follower slzz. My fav kind of pie would have to have blackberries in it. Close runner up is pecan pie.

  2. My favorite pie is blackberry, I remember picking blackberries along the railroad tracks as a child, bringing them home,and helping my mother bake pies.

  3. GFC Follower.
    Blueberry Pie is my favorite - warm with vanilla ice cream.
    One time when we went up north to the cottage we were going to bake a pie, but realized we had no rolling pin. My husband rolled the dough out with an old broom handle.

  4. following you- my favorite is apple and my most memorable pie experience would be winning a pie contest at work with my apple pie

  5. follower...

    The best pie I ever made was a pecan pie/ pumpkin pie/ cheesecake pie...Delicious!!!

  6. new gfc follower.

    favorite kind of pie - strawberry rhubarb

    most memorable pie great grandmother would bake pies for Thanksgiving, but I always passed on hers because her hair tended to find its way into whatever she baked. I do miss spending the time spent with my grandmother and great grandmother though even if I didn't enjoy the pie.

    4allibaby at gmail dot com

  7. i follow and my fondest pie memories were driving with my parents to the closest apple orchard and eating fresh apple pie there... :)

  8. I am now a follower.. my favorite pie would be apple pie, and my favorite memory is making them with my mother using the recipe handed down from my nana:)


  9. Such fun answers you all gave! Thanks for joining my blog and taking the time to enter!

    The name I drew was: svberge! Email me your address at and I'll get that pie bird over to you ASAP!

    Again, thanks for entering and stay following! I'll be doing a Autumn giveaway, which is right around the corner!