Monday, February 28

A Must Have...

If you love cookbooks this is a must for your collection! Easy ways to prepare a variety of veggies that are absolutely delicious is what you'll find. I've struggled to want and be able to prepare foods like bok choy, turnips and beets but after reading Fast, Fresh & Green, it opened me up to understand the easy and best ways to cook those foods. 

Last night I cooked Roasted Turnips and Pear with Rosemary-Honey Drizzle from Fast, Fresh and Green. All I can say is awesome! The rosemary and honey highlighted the bosc pears and turnips that were cooked crispy and tender. It had a wonderful sweet but savory taste. I felt like the flavor combination of fruit and root was very creative!


  1. Now I would never of thought to put turnip and pears together. I am going to have to have a look for this cookbook. I must try these turnips.

  2. Who would have thought, right?! It's simply delicious